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  • SaleCOD: 161.921

    Plot, Building plot in Futrono

    Cabañas cerca de Futrono
    • 21.200m2 Land
  • UF 15.700

    CLP 565.825.645 | US$ 703.238

Cabins near Futrono

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Property Description

Land of 2.12 hectares with three cabins in operation for sale. This property is just 5 km away from Futrono.

The property is divided into two adjoining lots without fences in between, with independent roles.

The first lot has three cabins, identical to each other. With distribution on three levels: on the upper level with views of the Llifén valley, they have a family room with a slow combustion heating system, dining room, equipped kitchen, large covered terrace with views of the valley and the native forest. It has a slow combustion double room and a second room on the intermediate level, and both share a large porcelain bathroom. On the lower floor is the access staircase, which connects to a large covered parking lot, a service cellar, and a barbecue area.
Each cabin also has a cypress Hot Tub, roofed, with asphalt tile, following the design line of the cabins.
All rooms have windows that bring light and views of nature.
Additionally, one of the cabins has a service bathroom and a cellar for the caretaker.

There is also a laundry room with a washer, dryer, and utility space.
The enclosure also has common spaces for recreation.

The cabins have pellín bases, asphalt tile roof, and opaque vitrified wooden floors, electricity, and drinking water.
The three cabins have their sanitary resolution, the definitive receipt with business line, and current operating patent.

The second land, with an independent role, adjoins site 1.
The site has unobstructed views of the lake, native forest with copihues, oaks, laurels, cinnamon trees, radales, coigües, tepas, nalcas, maquis, myrtles, apple trees, hazelnuts, among other trees and shrubs. It is connected to the other site that is part of the property through a nature exploration trail, which is signposted.

It has the right of way registered in the real estate conservator, which connects to the asphalt road, which allows the option of the independent sale in the future.

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  • No. of stories high: 2